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What is nature’s hug?
nature’s hug is a wholesome local food supplier based in Singapore.

What we believe in?
We are passionate about sustainable and traceable produce. As farmers, we take special pride in farming naturally and distributing directly from our farms right here in Singapore. We also source for items that have the best quality while maintaining transparency. 

A hug symbolises love & trust
At nature's hug, we aspire to emanate the same sentiment of love & trust in our natural products. Our seafood is wholesome and freshly harvested from our local farms & traceable from our network of trusted food suppliers.

A sustainable farming system 
As a leader in shrimp farming, our parent company - Blue Aqua - developed an energy-efficient, zero-waste, zero-water exchange and sustainable recirculating aquaculture system that is capable of producing multi-species products sustainably. Our philosophy for farming is to create a circular economy in aquaculture where waste is transformed into other forms of food, energy, and byproducts for the next consumer.