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06 Jul
Classic Salt and Pepper Shrimp Roll

You can never go wrong with this shrimp roll recipe, supper easy to follow! This recipe for shrimp rolls works well with leftover cooked shrimp as well as fresh shrimp. To get the best flavour and texture, serve it on a warm, toasted bun!

26 May
Grilled Summer Shrimp Salad

A new way to prepare your salad is to grill them! Grilling is a terrific method to add charred, smokey flavor to a dish. For this recipe, we will be grilling shrimps and adding a touch of the fresh, tangy dressing to give a refreshing and light taste to it!

26 May
Fast and Easy Shrimp Tacos

Shrimp Tacos recipes are simple yet healthy! We all love tacos because it reminds us of Mexico! Let's start cooking!

26 May
Simplest Grilled Shrimp

The easiest way to cook shrimps is to grill them! Large shrimp are best for grilling, and shrimp cook rapidly, so keep an eye on them to ensure they don't overcook!

12 May
Shrimp sizes for different recipes!

Find out the right shrimp sizes to use in your recipes for the best taste and texture!

27 Aug
Best 3 Recipes Made for Small-sized Shrimp

We have tried & tested numerous recipes, and here are the top 3 easy, delicious, and suitable for small-sized shrimp. Get your ingredients and start cooking!

19 Aug
Steamed Soy Bean Paste Shrimp Recipe – Quick & Tasty!

Healthy, easy and so yummy! A favourite in Chinese restaurants. This recipe is simple and fuss-free. Steamed fresh shrimp is juicy and tasty, you may add minced chili padi for an extra spice!

29 Jul
How to cook hybrid grouper? Try this healthy Thai-styled recipe!

Cathy's easy-to-cook recipe will make your cooking experience a more enjoyable one. In this post, see how she prepare the Thai-style hybrid grouper!

09 Jul
Mouth-watering Taco de Camaron made for you

It's specTACOlar! Let's fly to México with this mouthwatering Taco de Camaron in just 25min. Try this recipe shrimp-filled taco recipe with us!

11 Jun
Home-cooked Assam Pedas Jade Perch in 20 Minutes!

Assam Pedas Fish is a traditional Malaysian cuisine that is sour, spicy, and incredibly satisfying. It is spicy, tangy, appetizing and perfect with rice. While there are countless variations, you will not want to miss this recipe out!