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Guide on Choosing the Freshest Shrimp


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What is considered “Fresh” shrimp? The ones you see at the ice bed in your supermarket, are those considered fresh? Some of the shrimp on the ice bed which are labeled as "fresh" are very likely thawed and frozen before. 

Fresh shrimp are the ones you get directly from farm to fork!

Continue reading on to find out what to look out for when choosing the freshest shrimp! We will use our senses of sight, smell, and touch to identify the freshest shrimp.


Tip #1: Check the eyes

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The most obvious technique is to check whether the eyes are intact and glossy. If the eyes are sunken or opaque, the shrimp might have turned bad.


Tip #2: Smell for fishy smell

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Make sure that there is no fishy smell. Fresh raw shrimp has a mild salty aroma that is similar to seawater. If the shrimp smell fishy, or smell like “ammonia”, it means that it has gone bad and hence unsafe to eat.


Tip #3: Press the shrimp with your fingers

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If it is a fresh shrimp, the flesh of the shrimp will spring back. But, if it leaves an indentation, it is not fresh. 


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